On Being a Grandmother

Being a grandmother is an excellent thing and I want to say ‘unique’ but that is impossible – the world has always had and still has millions of grandmothers. My own grandmother was absolutely a massive and beautiful influence in my life and I would like to be like her. She accepted and loved me and my siblings unconditionally and showered us with security and love. As long as I live I will cherish her memory and endeavour to emulate her warm and charismatic personality.

My grandchildren are beautiful, intelligent, cute, funny, loveable and adored by me. They will forever be etched on my heart as the most precious people in the world. My children are all sensational parents, wishing and planning for their children to be happy, healthy and wise. I hope they all will succeed. I’ll do whatever I can do support them in their endeavours to make them healthy and to instil good manners, honourable principles, decent citizenship and kindness into their hearts. I will love them no matter what and I will be there should they need or want me.

And I want to say – Thank you God – for making me a grandmother, for giving me this amazing opportunity to bless my grandchildren. And I want to say – Thank you God for giving my grandchildren a kind and generous grandmother and now a great-grandmother to their children, Peggy Butler is my mother-in-law. Her acceptance of them and gentle manner to the little children who cluster about her knee as she sits in her chair is precious to watch. She has always been an open and accepting listening ear for me when I have bragged about my children (for the past 42 years), and now I brag about the grandchildren. When she eventually goes, I will miss that enormously. There is no one else in the world who can listen to such boasting than a grandmother. I will also offer that ear to my children when they tell me about their offspring.

Grandmothers are a most important part of a family – that I have experienced and now want to carry on that tradition for my own grandchildren. God help me.

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